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Backyard Babies

"Backyard Babies" is a Swedish Hard Rock/Punk Rock band, formed in the city of Nässjö in 1987, originally comprising singer Tobbe, guitarist Dregen, bassist Johan Blomqvist and drummer Peder Carlsson. After recording a rough demo and playing a few local live dates, in 1989 the group dismissed Tobbe and replaced him with singer Nicke Borg; two more demos followed, as did a national tour, and in 1991 the Backyard Babies launched their first official release, the EP ''Something to Swallow''. Signing with the Swedish Megarock label in 1993, the following year the quartet issued their first full-length effort, ''Diesel & Power'', before going on hiatus to allow Dregen the chance to work with his other band, the Hellacopters. The Backyard Babies reunited in 1997 for the album ''Total 13'' and later released ''Making Enemies is Good'' (2001), ''Stockholm Syndrome'' (2003) and ''People Like People Like People Like Us'' (2006).

*Tobbe - Lead Vocals/Guitar (1987-1989)

*Nicke Borg - Lead Vocals/Guitar (1989-present)

*Dregen - Lead Guitar/Vocals (1987-present)

*Johan Blomqvist - Bass (1987-present)

*Peder Carlsson - Drums (1987-present)

Dregen played in the supergroup...

years active 1987–present
country Sweden
status Active
music genre punk rock
current members Nicke Borg
Johan Blomqvist
Peder Carlsson
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia