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David Ball

"David Ball" (born on 3 May, 1959 in Blackpool, Lancashire) is an English producer and electronic musician, who has played in groups such as Soft Cell and The Grid and collaborated with producers such as Ingo Vauk.

As a student of Leeds Polytechnic Arts University, Ball experimented heavily with experimental electronic sounds and synthesizers, a burgeoning technology at the time which was just beginning to gain acceptance with artists such as Kraftwerk and The Human League. He met fellow student Marc Almond, who requested his assistance in developing music to complement his performance art pieces. The two cut a 4-track demo, entitled ''Mutant Moments'', and were soon signed to the small Some Bizarre Records. Working alongside Almond, who by this time had taken on the role of lead singer and principal songwriter, Ball helped the band achieve success with their cover of the Gloria Jones's ''Tainted Love'', which reached #1 in seventeen differrent countries and #8 in the U.S., where it stayed on the charts for 43 weeks, holding a then-Guinness World Record for the longest such stay and becoming the biggest-selling UK single of 1981.

Soft Cell remained major pop stars in the...

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