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"BALZAC" is a Japanese horror punk/zombiecore band formed in 1992. They are considered by some to be the Japanese counterpart to the American horror band The Misfits. The first line-up consisted of Hirosuke on vocals, Anti on bass, Tetsuya on guitar and Naoki on drums. Their first release was a demo tape called ''Scapegoat 666'', and included six songs, one of them being a cover of the The Misfits' song "Where Eagles Dare."

By the release of their second demo ''Descent Of The Diabolos'' (released 1993), the band had two new members: guitarist Atsushi and drummer Kohji. The band would feature on some various artists' compilations and release a couple more demos before releasing their debut album ''The Last Men On Earth'' in 1995. In 1997 the band featured Hirosuke (vocals), Atsushi (guitar), and new member Akio (bass). This line-up relesed the album ''Deep - Teenagers From Outer Space''. They soon got a new drummer called Kill, to fill the void. The band would release three more albums before Kill would leave the band: ''13 Stairway - The Children Of The Night'' (1998), ''Zennou-Naru Musuu-No Me Ha Shi Wo Yubi Sasu'' (2000), and ''Terrifying - Art Of Dying/The Last Men On Eart...

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