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Banlieue Rouge

Banlieue Rouge was a punk rock band from Montréal, Québec in the 1990s. It remains the biggest French punk rock band from Québec province.

Banlieue Rouge was formed in 1989 in Longueuil, a Montréal suburb. Heavily influenced by French punk rock bands such as Bérurier Noir, they started with a drum machine, which was eventually replaced by Jeff on drums.

Banlieue Rouge was: *Safwan (vocals) *Sylvain (guitar) *Xavier (bass) *Jeff (drum)

In 1999, after four full-length albums (plus one live and one best-of) and ten years of touring in America and Europe, the band finally broke up. Some members went on to form Akuma, an angrier, louder hardcore punk band with bilingual (French/English) lyrics.

"Banlieue Rouge" means "Red Suburb". On their debut album, En Attendant Demain, it is explained that this refers to their status as a "a suburb of the megacity of pop music, unknown to the masses." The "red" part of the name could refer either to a violent nature or political leanings.

Historically, banlieues rouges were P...

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