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"Barathrum" are a Finnish black metal band. They were one of the first Finnish black metal bands together with bands such as Archgoat, Beherit and Impaled Nazarene. They originate from Kuopio but have since re-located to Helsinki. The first letters of their full-length albums spell "HEIL SOVA" (referring to the band's mainman, Demonos Sova), which completes their original eight-album plan and they are only touring now.

*Demonos Sova – All instruments

*Pelcepoop – Guitar

*Daimos666 – Guitar

*Nukklear Tormentörr – Bass

*G'Thaur – Bass, Vocals (also in Arthemesia and Korpiklaani)

*Abyssir – Drums (also in Ensiferum, Sinergy and ex-Waltari)


*Aki Hytönen (1990-1991, Guitars) (also in Demilich)

*Ilu (1990-1992, Drums)

*Jetblack Roima (1991-1991, Guitars)

*Niko (1991-1992, Guitars)

*Neva (1991-1991, Guitars)

*Bloodbeast (1992, Guitars)

*Necronom Dethstrike (1992-1992, Drums)

*Infernus (1992-1996, Bass)

*Reaper Sklethnor (1993-1994, Guitars)

*Destrukkktorr (1993-1994, Drums)

*Crowl (1994-1994, Bass)

*Pimeä (1995-1996, Drums)

*Sulphur (1996, Guitars)

*Nattasett (1998, Drums) (also in Darkwoods My...

years active 1990 - Present
origin Kuopio
country Finland
music genre Black metal
Doom metal
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia