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Barbie Almalbis

"Yvette Barbra Almalbis" (born August 26, 1977), more commonly known as "Barbie Almalbis", is a popular singer and songwriter from the Philippines. Formerly the lead singer of the popular bands Hungry Young Poets and Barbie's Cradle, Barbie pursued a solo career in 2005, releasing her self-titled compilation album, ''Barbie: The Singles''. In 2006, she released her debut solo album, ''Parade''. Her music is characterised by a rather quirky, but endearing vocal style, and acoustic guitar work. Barbie is a capable guitarist in her own right and a painter. She recently got married to Martin Honasan, a painter and scion of a Philippine political family.


* Torpe

* Firewoman

* Tabing Ilog

* The Dance

* Goodnyt

* Shiny Red Balloon

* Belinda Bye Bye

* Dear Paul

* Money For Food

* Langit Na Naman

* Pangarap

* All I Need

* Limang Dipang Tao

* Everyday

* Idlip

* Independence Day

* Good Day

* Just A Smile


* Dahilan

* Give Yourself Away

* Overdrive

* Damsel

* Sorry Song

* Parading

* Little Miss Spider

* High

* Summer Day

* Pag-alis

* For The World

* PARI 19th Awit Awards (2006)

** Nominated...

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