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Bardot was a female pop group and winners of the original Australian series of Popstars in 2000. It remains the most successful winning act of all four Australian seasons, releasing two multi-platinum/gold selling albums, Bardot and Play It Like That, as well as six consecutive hit singles in their three years together.

Bardot are also one of the only Popstars creations to achieve success outside its own country, charting in a number of international markets such as parts of Asia, New Zealand and the UK. The group parted ways in May 2002.

= Bardot evolved from the Seven Network's, original Australian (and only second ever, following New Zealand) series of Popstars, a television talent show which promised to create "Australia's very own Spice Girls". The shows design was simple: a panel of judges would tour the country in search of five talented girls who would form a pop group. In addition, the winning group would be sponsored by the Austereo radio network, New Idea Magazine and Warner Music records. In 1999, advertisements for the auditions attracted thousands of girls from across the country, hoping to fulfil...

Background group or band
Origin Australia
Genre Pop music
Years active 2000 – 2002
Current members Tiffani Wood
Sophie Monk
Sally Polihronas
Belinda Chapple
Katie Underwood
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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