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Barry White

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"Barry Eugene White" (September 12, 1944 – July 4, 2003) was an American record producer and singer responsible for the creation of numerous hit soul and disco songs. He conducted the Love Unlimited Orchestra, which consisted of live musicians, including string and percussion players. Records featuring White's deep bass voice and suave delivery were often used by couples wishing to create a romantic ambience. He was often affectionately referred to as the "Maestro" and "Walrus of Love" or "The Man with the Velvet Voice". All inclusive record sales of White's music with singles, albums, compilation usage and paid digital downloads as a singer, songwriter and producer now exceed 100 million world-wide.

White was born "Barry Eugene Carter" in Galveston, Texas, and grew up in the high-crime areas of South Los Angeles, where he joined a gang at the age of 10. At 17, he was jailed for four months for stealing $30,000 worth of Cadillac tires.

After being jailed, White left gang life and began a musical career at the dawn of the 1960s in singing groups before going out on his ...

Background solo singer
Born September 12, 1944 in Galveston, TX
Died July 4, 2003
Instrument keyboards, vocals
Genre Soul music
Years active 1973 to 2003
Associated acts Love Unlimited Orchestra
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source: Wikipedia