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"Bass" may refer to:

* Bass (fish), including various fresh and saltwater species

* Bass (instrument), instruments in the bass range

** Double bass, a large bowed string instrument

***Electric upright bass, the electric version

** Bass guitar

*** Acoustic bass guitar

**Bassist, one who plays a double or electric bass

* Bass (musical term), describes tones of low frequency or range

** Bass (vocal range), a male singer who sings in the lowest vocal range

** Figured bass, a kind of integer musical notation

** The F clef, also called the ''bass clef''

** Bass note, the lowest note in a chord

** Bassline, an instrumental part which is in the bass range

*** Drum and bass, a type of electronic dance music also known as jungle

*** Miami bass, a type of hip hop music, also known as booty music

*** Ghettotech, a form of electronic dance music, also known as "Detroit Bass"

* Bass (beer)

* Beneath a Steel Sky, a videogame.


* Alfred 'Alfie' Bass (1916-1987), a British actor

* Eduard Bass, a Czech writer, author of novel ''The Cirkus Humberto''

* George Bass, a naval explorer

* Hyman Bass

* Johann Hermann Bass (1838-1909)

* Kevin ...

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