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Bay City Rollers

The "Bay City Rollers" were a Scottish pop band of the 1970s, with a special appeal among teenage girls. For a relatively brief but fervent period known as "Rollermania", they were among the most popular musical artists in the United Kingdom. They would go on to enjoy success in many countries.

The group was discovered in Edinburgh, Scotland by potato merchant's son Tam Paton, who became their sometimes-controversial manager. Originally known as the Saxons, the band members have said they chose their band's name by throwing a dart at a map of the United States. The dart landed on the map near the community of Bay City, Michigan (birthplace of pop singer Madonna).

The group went through many line-up changes (and non-charting singles) between 1971 and 1974. They charted 17 hit singles across countries in Europe and/or North America, the first being "Keep On Dancing" (UK #9, 1971).

Beginning with 1974's "Remember (Sha La La La)", the Rollers released a string of very successful hits on the British charts, and for a period they had their own UK television series, ''Shang-a-Lang'' (there was also an attempt at a US television show later in the band's career). By ...

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