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Beat Farmers

Beat Farmers was an alternative rock and country music band formed in San Diego, California in August of 1983. They recorded hundreds of songs and six albums before the early demise of their lead singer, Country Dick Montana.

Beat Farmers made their first record deal with Rhino Records in 1984. Released in January 1985, their first album, Tales of the New West, included the Doctor Demento staple "Happy Boy" sung by Country Dick.

The original members consisted of Country Dick Montana, Jerry Raney, Rollie Love, and Buddy Blue. Buddy Blue, however, left after only three years in the band. He was replaced by Joey Harris, who had previously worked with Country Dick.

On November 8, 1995, while performing "The Girl I Almost Married" early in their set at a club in Whistler, British Columbia, Country Dick died of a heart attack. He is best known for lying on his back and drinking his beer using only his feet, like a grizzly bear! Country Dick Montana was treated for Throat Cancer twice, finally succumming to a heart attack in 1995. He was known for always being ready for a "beer run".

The remaining members of...

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