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Beecher was a band from Manchester, United Kingdom. Formed in 2001 by Daniel Plant (guitars), Will Shaw (drums) and David Hopkinson (bass), they played a mix of Metal, Hardcore Punk, Noise and Rock.

The original intent was for the band to be a doom metal experiment but the recruitment of vocalist Edward Godby and guitarist Mark Lyons made a full band line-up.

After the recording of a 5-track demo CD, the band released the Resention Is a Big Word EP for Nottingham based In At The Deep End Records in 2002. This was followed by the album Breaking The Fourth Wall in 2003. Soon after this release, Plant left the band along with Will Shaw - being replaced by Daniel Shaw and Daniel Jones respectively. After much critical acclaim, and a lot of touring, the band signed with Earache Records in 2004. Earache re-released the 'Breaking The Fourth Wall' album worldwide on May 16th 2005 with 6 bonus tracks. 2005 saw the release of their second full length album His Elegy, This Autopsy. This album as well as being released as a standard CD was released as a limited edition vinyl box-set (limited to 1000 copies).

The band's final show was at th...

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