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Ben Folds

"Benjamin Scott Folds" (born September 12, 1966), more commonly known as "Ben Folds", is an American singer-songwriter best known as the former front man of the musical group Ben Folds Five. He is widely acclaimed for his prowess as a pianist, performer and multi-instrumentalist.

Ben Folds was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to middle-class parents. Due to his father's work as a builder, he moved frequently throughout his childhood. Due to these circumstances, making friends was difficult. As a result, Folds became attached to a piano his father had brought home when he was 9. The piano was actually the result of a barter trade his father made with a customer unable to pay Folds' father for his work. During this time, Folds listened to songs by Elton John on AM radio, and imitated them by trial and error.

During his years at R.J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, Ben Folds played in several bands as the pianist, bassist, or drummer. In the late 1980s, Folds and long-time friend Jay Pichardo joined the band Majosha. The group released several records including: ''Party Night: Five Songs About Jesus'' and ''Shut Up and Listen to Majosha''. The band broke up...

Background khaki
Born September 12, 1966
Genre Rock music
Years active 1994—present
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