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Bering Strait

"Bering Strait" was a country music band made up of musicians from Russia that mixed country music with traditional Russian song making, a music sometimes called "redgrass" (a reference to bluegrass).

At the time of its dissolution, the band was comprised of five musicians:

* Alexander Arzamastsev (drums)

* Natasha Borzilova (lead vocals, acoustic guitar)

* Sergei "Spooky" Olkhovsky (bass)

* Alexander "Sasha" Ostrovsky (dobro, steel guitar, lap steel)

* Lydia Salnikova (keyboards, vocals)

In addition, Ilya Toshinsky played electric guitar, acoustic guitar and banjo on the band's first album but left the band after recording the second album. Other previous musicians in Bering Strait included Sergey Passov on mandolin and fiddle, and Alexei Misikhin on bass.

Bering Strait's self-titled debut album was released on January 14, 2003 on Universal South Records. The song "Bearing Straight" from the album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Instrumental Performance, but eventually lost out to the Dixie Chicks. The band was featured in a segment on ''60 Minutes'' and several tracks from the album were used in various television shows on Animal Pl...

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