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Berri Txarrak

"Berri Txarrak" is a Basque alternative rock group founded in Lekunberri, Navarra (Spain) in 1994.

Their formation has remained unchanging until Aitor Oreja, the guitarist, left the group after the fourth disk: "Libre".

Many people believe that the reason for their musical success is due to the original treatment of the rock genre.

Berri Txarrak sing in the native tongue of their land which is euskera. This gives the band an extremely original personality.

Only recently, in 2005, they released an album titled 'Jaio. Musika. Hil' where they experiment with their music.

*Gorka Urbizu (vocals, guitar)

*Aitor Goikoetxea (bass)

*Mikel López (drums)

* (demo-1994) -not comercialized

*''Berri Txarrak'' 1997 (GOR diskak)

*''Ikasten'' 1999 (GOR diskak)

*''Eskuak/Ukabilak'' 2001 (GOR diskak)

*''Libre'' 2003 (GOR diskak)

*''Jaio. Musika. Hil'' 2005 (GOR diskak)

* official web (in English, Spanish, Euskera and Catalan)

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