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Big Dumb Face

"Big Dumb Face" is a band formed by Wes Borland shortly before he left the band Limp Bizkit. Songs written by Big Dumb Face were not written to be taken seriously. The style hails to old Frank Zappa singles and humorous vocals. Some of their singles include ''Kali is the Sweethog'' and ''Blood Red Head on Fire'', and their only Modern Rock Top 40 hit ''Rebel''.

The style could be summed up as 'three guitars and a drum machine' with the vocals either being pitched up to an alien/robot voice or pitched down to a death-metal grunt. The majority of the music was played by Wes himself, but he put together a touring band consisting of his brother, Scott, along with some of his high school friends. The Onion noted, of their ''Duke Lion Fights the Terror'' album, that "the result sounds like a 12-year-old boy's homemade Ween tribute album."

*"Wes Borland" (Tongue Of Colicab) - ''Guitars, Vocals''

Wes founded the band with his brother Scott and his best friend Kyle Weeks. On the actual record, Wes played everything, with help from Scott and Kyle on vocals, and of course, a drum machine.

*"Scott Borland" (The Cardboard Ur...

years active 2001
country USA
music genreAlternative Rock, Experimental rock
current members Chris Gibbs
Kyle Weeks
Greg Isabelle
Wes Borland
Scott Borland
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source: Wikipedia