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Big Tent Revival

"Big Tent Revival" was a Christian rock band. They began in 1994 and disbanded in 2002. They did extensive touring in the U.S. and abroad and they were featured at the Harvest Crusades. Their music was known for catchy riffs, distortion, and softer acoustic ballads.

Their most popular songs were "Two Sets of Joneses" and "Choose Life." The former told a story about two different couples. One trusted in Jesus through the storms of life and the other didn't. The latter was used as an invitational for people to get saved at the Harvest Crusade. It was also an pro-life song in the abortion debate.

"What Would Jesus Do?" was also a very popular song of theirs. It spearheaded the WWJD movement that encouraged people to consider what Jesus would do in real-life situations. This song and slogan was also featured in books, bracelets, t-shirts, etc.

*Steve Wiggins - vocals and guitar

*Randy Williams - guitar

*Steve Dale - bass

*Spence Smith - drums

*David Alan - keyboards.

:Each of BTR's albums has been nominated for a Grammy Award. The band has also been nominated for several Dove Awards.

* ''Greatest Hits'' (2002)

* ''Big Tent Revival Live'' (2001)


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