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Big Cyc

Big Cyc (Polish for "Big Tit") is a Polish rock band formed in 1988.

The band is well-known in Poland for their controversial behaviour. The cover of their first album, Z partyjnym pozdrowieniem (Polish for With a Party greeting), was an image of Vladimir Lenin with a Mohawk hairstyle. The title of their second album, Nie wierzcie elektrykom (Don't believe electricians) refers to the Polish president Lech Wałęsa, an electrician by education. Their fourth album cover, Wojna plemników (War of spermatozoons) featured a nun drying condoms on a clothes line. In May 1999, the band leader Krzysztof Skiba was charged with indecent exposure and fined the equivalent of $308 for mooning the Polish prime minister Jerzy Buzek during a festival in February 1999.

*Jacek Jędrzejak aka Dżej Dżej (Polish pronunciation for J.J., born August 22, 1963) *Jarek Lis aka Dżery (Polish pronunciation for Jerry, born April 18, 1963) *Roman Lechowicz aka Piękny Roman (Polish for Handsome Roman, born September 27, 1963) *Krzysz...

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