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Big Wu

The Big Wu is a rock 'n' roll jam band from Minnesota. The group is composed of Al Oikari, Andy Miller, Chris Castino, and Terry Vandewalker. Relentless touring over the last decade has built a loyal fan base that call themselves "family," many of whom get together for The Big Wu's annual gathering of music and camping called the Family Reunion. The group's website says that they are "really four ordinary guys, trying to make their way in the world making music." In the late 90's, they were frequently found playing at the Five Corners Saloon in Minneapolis. Debut release Tracking Buffalo Through the Bathtub was first made available on September 12, 1997. They annually hold the Big Wu Family Reunion on Memorial Weekend and Wu Years Eve on December 31st.

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Album Cover
Date of Official Release
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years active 1992 - present
status Active
origin Northfield, Minnesota
music genre Rock music
current members Chris Castino (Guitar/Vocals)
Andy Miller (bassist)
past members Jason Fladager (1992-2002)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia