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"Bile" is an industrial metal band based in New York. The band has a floating line-up, but most of the musical duties are handled by Krztoff. Originally featuring nine members on the first two albums, Bile trimmed the fat before recording ''Sex Reflex''. This album features their most popular song to date, "In League." When performing live, Bile usually consists of Krztoff (vocals, guitar), R.H. Bear (bass, effects), and typically a second guitarist and/or drummer. The live act generally consists of a fog machine, extreme lighting and occasional stage props. Krztoff is also currently an active member of Pigface and Black From the Dead (with Charles Levi of My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult). R.H. Bear is a regular performer at Queering Sound, a gay and lesbian educational event thrown by The Triangle Artists Group. Bile is currently working on their new CD ''Hate Radio''.

*''Suckpump'' (1994)

*''Teknowhore'' (1996)

*''The Darkbeat EP'' (1996)

*''Biledegradable'' (1997)

*''Sex Reflex'' (2000)

*''Nightmare Before Krztoff'' (2000)

*''Demonic Electronic'' (2002)

*''The Copy Machine'' (2002)

*''Frankenhole'' (2003)

*''Regurge: A Bucket of Bile, Best of'...

years active 1992 – present
status Active
country New York, USA
music genre Industrial music
current members Krztoff (musician)
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source: Wikipedia