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Bionic Jive

Bionic Jive

"Bionic Jive" are a rap metal group from Phoenix, Arizona. They released their first album, "Armageddon Through Your Speaker" in 2001, on Interscope Records. Bionic Jive gained some media exposure in 2002 after having their song ""Ricochet"" featured in the soundtrack and commercials for the movie, The Transporter. They were also featured in the 2002 edition of Eminem's Anger Management Tour. Not much happened with the band until 2003, when Bionic Jive announced 2 upcoming albums: "Armageddon Unreleased", a collection of early demos, remixes, and songs that didn't make it to Armageddon Through Your Speaker, and a new studio album, "Passion Over Politics". Neither album saw release at their scheduled dates (Armageddon Unreleased saw limited release in 2004 though), as rumours started swirling that they had broke up. In 2005, Bionic Jive relaunched their website, set the record straight about their status, and announced new plans for Passion Over Politics. Bionic Jive are currently signed to "Teki Pyro Records".


*Emerg McVay (Mark Moore) - Vocals

*Ako Mack (Asayanda Mack) - Vocals

*Michael McGregor - Guitar

*Cunni (Richard Gartner) - Bass

*George Robbins - Drums

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