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Björn Afzelius

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"Björn Afzelius" (January 27, 1947—February 16, 1999) was a Swedish singer, song writer and guitar player. Politically he was a socialist. His songs are about love, politics and joys in life, and he always sang for the weak and poor people, against dictators, capitalism and injustice.

Afzelius was born in Huskvarna in Småland. His father was an engineer and his mother was a housewife. His only sibling is his brother Bengt (b. 1952) who is a music teacher. He came into contact with music from a very young age, due to the fact that his mother and her side of the family were largely into music. In 1970, Afzelius formed the progressive rock group Hoola Bandoola Band together with Mikael Wiehe. Wiehe and Afzelius became very close friends and worked together long after Hoola Bandoola had dissolved in 1975.

Afzelius released his first solo album in 1974, his last one in 1999. Some of his most loved songs are ''"Ikaros"'', ''"Sång till friheten"'' (Song f...

years active 1970-1999
country Sweden
music genre Rock music
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source: Wikipedia