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Black Dahlia Murder

"The Black Dahlia Murder" is a band from Detroit, Michigan. Influences for The Black Dahlia Murder include At the Gates, known for their impact on the death metal scene, and Carcass. Their music makes large use of the melodic death metal sound (containing such elements as blast beats and deep, throaty "death growls"). The band is named after the unsolved murder of actress Elizabeth Short who was often referred to as The Black Dahlia.. The guitarists of this band are not tuned in Drop C but in C Standard. The band's most successful songs have been "Funeral Thirst", "Miasma" and "A Vulgar Picture". The band has been involved in Ozzfest 2005 and will appear in The Sounds of the Underground Tour in 2006, which encompasses both the US and Canada.

Their last album Miasma hit its peak at spot 118 on The Billboard 200, to get an idea of the relative success for a metal band another popular band also on Metal Blade Records Cannibal Corpse hit their peak on the charts at 151 back in '95.

* Trevor Strnad - Vocals

* Brian Eschbach - Gu

status Active
origin Detroit, Michigan
country United States
music genre Death metal
current members Trevor Strnad
Brian Eschbach
John Kempainen
Bart Williams
Pierre Langois
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia