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Black Sheep

Black Sheep

"Black Sheep" may refer to:

* Black sheep (term), a colloquial term meaning "outsider"

* The Black Sheep, a United States Marine Corps aviation unit

* ''Black Sheep'' (film), a 1996 comedy film by Penelope Spheeris

* ''Black Sheep'' (novel), a 1966 romance novel by Georgette Heyer

* ''Black Sheep'' (play), a play by Lee Blessing

* Black Sheep (hip hop group)

* Black Sheep (rock band)

* Black Sheep Brewery, British ale-maker

* "Black Sheep", a song from the album ''Silence'' by Sonata Arctica

* Baa Baa Black Sheep (disambiguation page)

* Kara Koyunlu, known as the "Black Sheep Turkmen"

*, a humor website

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