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"Black" is the musical vehicle for singer/songwriter Colin Vearncombe (born on 26 May, 1962, in Liverpool, England).

From 1981 to 1988, the band also included Dave Dix. Black's first release was "Human Features" on Rox Records in 1981. This was followed by another independent release in 1982 "More Than The Sun" (Wonderful World Of Records), after which Black was snapped up by WEA Records.

The first release for WEA was "Hey Presto" (1984), which got them noticed outside the UK: the video for this track featured on the satellite music channel Music Box, and the single was released in Australia. The second WEA single was a re-recording of "More Than The Sun". After this, Black was dropped from the record label.

1985 was a desperately gloomy year for Black's singer Colin Vearncombe, causing him to write the ironically titled minor key song "Wonderful Life". Released independently at first, this track got Black noticed by A&M Records. They signed them and their career took off. At first, the singles "Everything's Coming Up Roses" and "Sweetest Smile" were pretty successful in the UK alone, but the third single, a re-release of "Wonderful Life", was a massive hit worl...

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