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"Blackfield" is a music group, a collaboration between Porcupine Tree founder and lead singer Steven Wilson and Israeli rock singer Aviv Geffen.

Two years back and forth on the London-Tel Aviv flight path, a mutual artistic curiosity, and a close friendship are the components that gave birth to Aviv and Steven's Blackfield project.

Geffen, a fan of Porcupine Tree and Wilson, invited the band to play shows in Israel in 2000. He struck up a friendship with Wilson, leading to the two musicians recording together. Originally planned as an EP for a 2001 release, the band's debut album blossomed into a full-length recording, and was released in Israel and Europe in 2004, and the United States in 2005.

Aviv Geffen, a highly successful solo artist and outspoken (not to mention controversial) peace campaigner, with a string of gold albums in his own country, discovered the music of Steven's band Porcupine Tree in the mid 90's and followed their career development. In 2000 he invited the band to perform some concerts in Israel and met with Steven in London to discuss the idea. Something clicked and before long they had already collaborated on the very first Blackfield song. ...

years active 2001-present
music genre Rock
current members Steven Wilson
Aviv Geffen
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source: Wikipedia