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Their output consists mainly of house music tracks with heavy gospel, soul and afrobeat influences. When the band started, Herbert was the singer, with Milan playing the piano and Hedge working production. After Herbert left, both Hedge and Milan started to share production duties, vocals and playing most of the instruments in their tracks and albums. They achieved notoriety with their remix of Lisa Stansfield's "People Hold On" in 1989, after signing for the Motown label.

Blaze released their first LP, ''25 Years Later'', in 1990, after which Herbert decided to move to a more R&B-oriented career, while the two remaining members invested in the emerging club culture, opening their own nightclub, Shelter. In 1994, they scored their first big international production success, with De'Lacy's "Hideaway", which was remixed by Deep Dish.

Since then, Blaze has released three more albums, alongside a few scattered compilations of earlier productions and works and countless singles. They also began working with other well-known names such as Little Louie Vega, Barbara Tucker and Full Intention. They're best known to modern audiences by their singles featuring Palmer Brown on vocal...

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