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|coat=Coat of arms of the municipality of Bled

|location=300px|Location of Bled in Slovenia

|area=188.5 km²




|mayor=Jože Antonič

|avg_age=35.76 years

|residental_density=36.18 m²/person





|salary_date=August 2003

|avg_salary_bruto=231,797 SIT

|avg_salary_neto=147,874 SIT


"Bled" is a municipality (population 10,899) in northwestern Slovenia in the region of Upper Carniola (Slovenian ''Gorenjska''). It was first mentioned on April 10, 1004, when it was awarded by the German Emperor Henry II to the Bishop Albuin of Brixen. Later it had changed many owners, until it became an independent municipality in 1996.

Bled is famous for the glacial Lake Bled, which makes it a major tourist attraction. Perched on a rock overlooking the lake is an iconic castle.

Due to its mild climate, Bled has been visited by aristocratic guests from across Europe. Arnold Rikli from Switzerland contributed significantly to its development as a health resort. Today it is an important convention ...

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