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Blind Melon

"Blind Melon" was an American rock band from the 1990s.

Reportedly, the name "Blind Melon" describes some hippies from Mississippi, as used (or coined) by Brad Smith's father. Also, "Blind Melon Chitlin" was the name of a fictional bluesman appearing in a routine on the self-titled Cheech and Chong LP, and a "Blind Lemon Pie" character appears in the 1978 movie mockumentary of the Beatles, "All You Need Is Cash". These may be a derivative of the name of an actual bluesman, Blind ''Lemon'' Jefferson.

Blind Melon signed to Capitol Records in 1991 (see 1991 in music) and recorded an unreleased demo. Frontman Shannon Hoon and Axl Rose (who was a friend of Hoon's sister) re-met, and Hoon sang back-up on several Guns N' Roses tracks, including "Don't Cry". The band's self-titled debut album, produced by Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam), sold poorly until the single and music video for "No Rain" hit the airwaves and became a smash success, along with the popular video which featured the equally popular "Bee Girl" (played by Heather DeLoach). Subsequently, ''Blind Melon'' went platinum four times. After opening for Neil Young, Lenny Kravitz, Soundgarden and The Rolling Stones,...

years active 1991 - 1999
music genre Rock and Roll
Alternative Rock
current members Shannon Hoon
Christopher Thorn
Rogers Stevens
Brad Smith (bass player)
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source: Wikipedia