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"bloodsimple" is a metalcore / alternative metal band from New York City, and Long Island, USA.

The music of bloodsimple infuses brutal hardcore and metalcore sounds with more melodic alternative rock and nu-metal elements.

bloodsimple's sound mixes the violence of Pantera with the melodic melancholy of Alice in Chains. It also contains nu metal trappings, along with traces of dual guitar sounds generally associated with the Gothenburg metal scene.

The band’s sound can be attributed in part to its diverse influences. Vocalist Tim Williams cites Layne Staley and Jim Morrison as influences, alongside Phil Anselmo; while the band claims to be influenced by Radiohead, Portishead and the The Doors, alongside Slayer, Pantera, Mastodon, and Metallica.

bloodsimple was formed in 2002 by vocalist Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy. Williams and Kennedy had previously been in seminal hardcore outfit Vision of Disorder (“V.O.D.”) for more than 10 years. bloodsimple was originally planned as a V.O.D side project, but ultimately became the main project after dissatisfaction with the direction of V.O.D led it into an extended hiatus.

bloodsimple's sound...

music genre Metalcore
Alternative metal
country United States of America
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source: Wikipedia