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Blue Aeroplanes

"The Blue Aeroplanes" are a Bristol-based rock group featuring Gerard Langley, whose poetic lyrics (largely spoken) were combined with a heavily guitar-influenced band to produce albums such as ''Swagger'', ''Tolerance'', and ''Beatsongs''. After ''Cavaliers/Roundheads'' was released in 2000 they had a lengthy break before re-releasing ''Swagger'' as a 2-CD deluxe version in January 2006 and announcing a new album ''Altitude'' due in the spring.

Blue Aeroplanes & Related Discography v3.0, 3/06

by Mitchell Dickerman (

Originally adapted from 6/6/92 New Musical Express article,

thanks to Jeff Wright for sending it to me, Matthew Kaplan for the Rodney

Allen info, Jim Love for the Langley/Kearney info, and Alice for her version

of this discography.


1) "Bop Art", 2/84, LP, Party PART1; ?/85, LP, Abstract ABT009; 12/94, CD, Regeneration Records RGNR 4001

*Control Of Embassies

*Pinkies Hit The Union

*Gunning The Works


*Outback Jazz

*Chelsea Wallpaper

*Bagpipe Music

*Built In A Day

*Unsquare Dance CD only

Note: Reissued for one pressing only on Abstract as part of a general deal with them that never happened...

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