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Blue Merle

"Blue Merle" was a music group centered in Nashville, Tennessee. Their name comes from the lyrics of a Led Zeppelin song, ''Bron-Y-Aur Stomp'' from Led Zeppelin III, referring to a "blue-eyed merle". Their lead singer ''Luke Reynolds'', has a voice that has been compared to those of ''Chris Martin'' and ''Dave Matthews''. The band is also known for live renditions of the Talking Heads song ''Psycho Killer''.

The band was first formed when Luke Reynolds and Jason Oettel met and began to work together. A friend in a studio offered them some recording time, and they began recording several demo tracks. While they were doing so, the President of Sony Publishing happened to be there, and offered them a contract. While they passed on it, it was start. Reynolds then met Beau Stapleton, a Mandolin player, on his way back to his home in Vermont and invited him to join. Oettel brought one of his own friends, William Ellis, a drummer into the band as well. It was William who came up with the band's name. The last member to join was Luke Bulla, a fiddle player, who had been asked to fill in for a couple weeks, and soon was a full time member.

In February 2005, Blue Merle released "Bu...

years active 2004 – 2006
music genre adult album alternative
current members Luke Reynolds
Jason Oettel
Beau Stapleton
William Ellis
Luke Bulla
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia