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Bobby Darin

"Bobby Darin" (May 14, 1936 – December 20, 1973) was born "Walden Robert Cassotto" and was one of the most popular rock and roll American teen idols of the late 1950s. However, he is widely respected for being a multi-talented, versatile performer, who challenged and successfully conquered many music genres, including, folk, country & western, pop, and jazz. He was also an accomplished actor. His wish for a legacy was "to be remembered as a great entertainer, and a human being".

Darin was born to a poor working-class family in The Bronx, New York. His Italian American father disappeared a few months before he was born at the height of the Great Depression. He once remarked that "my crib was a cardboard box, later a dresser drawer". As a result, his mother, a Mayflower descendant, had to accept social assistance to take care of her infant son. It was not until he was an adult that he learned that the woman he thought to be his sister Nina, 19 years his senior, was in fact his mother. The identity of his true father was never publicly or privately disclosed. His mother refused to reveal that information even to him. He went to his death without knowing the identity of his b...

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