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Suzy Bogguss

"Suzy Bogguss" (born December 30, 1956 in Aledo, Illinois, USA) is a country music singer, generally considered to be one of the finest voices in contemporary music. As a performer of both critical and popular acclaim in the early 90's and the CMA Horizon Award winner in 1992, she put out a string of hits during the first half of the decade including Outbound Plane, Drive South, and Hey Cinderella. Though absent from the country charts since the mid 1990s, she continues to record and tour and is followed by an adoring group of fans who line up after her shows for her well known meet-and-greets.

* ''Cross My Broken Heart'' (1989)

* ''Someday Soon'' (1991)

* ''Outbound Plane'' (1992)

* ''Aces'' (1992)

* ''Letting Go'' (1992)

* ''Old Fashioned Love'' (1992)

* ''Drive South'' (1993)

* ''Just Like The Weather'' (1993)

* ''Hey Cinderella'' (1994)

* ''Heartache'' (1995)

* ''You wouldn't say that to a stranger'' (1995)

* ''Give me some Wheels'' (1996)

* ''Somewhere Between''

* ''Moment of Truth''

* ''Aces''

* ''Voices in the Wind''

* ''Something Up My Sleeve''

* ''Simpatico'' (with Chet Atkins)

* ''Give Me Some Wheels''<...

Background solo singer
Born December 30, 1956
Origin Aledo, Illinois
Instrument Guitar
Genre Country music
Years active 1989 - Present
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia