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bond is an Australian/British classical crossover string quartet.

The members of the band are Haylie Ecker (first violinist, from Perth, Western Australia, Australia), Eos Chater (second violinist, from Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom), Tania Davis (violist from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) and Gay-Yee Westerhoff (cellist, from Hull, England, United Kingdom). Their debut album Born was removed from the UK classical charts, apparently owing to it "sounding too much like pop music". Born later rose to the #1 position in 21 different charts around the world. Shine, their second album, went Gold in 6 countries. Remixed, their third release, featured remixes from their first two hit albums as well as three new unreleased songs. Their third studio album Classified was a popular and successful release. Classified went double platinum in Australia, reaching the number one spot on both the classical and pop charts. Explosive: The Best of bond, their latest release, is a Best of collection that includes three previously unreleased songs.

The quartet spent much of 2003 tour...

years active 2001 - Present
music genre Crossover music
current members Haylie Ecker
Eos Chater
Tania Davis
Gay-Yee Westerhoff
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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