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Tracy Bonham

"Tracy Bonham" (born 16 March 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts) is a Grammy nominated American musician best known for her single "Mother Mother."

Raised in Eugene, Oregon, Bonham is a classically trained violinist and pianist. Tracy attended She received two Grammy nominations in 1997 for Best Alternative Performance and Best Female Vocal. Today, Bonham splits her time between the U.S. West Coast and Brooklyn, New York.


A native of Eugene, Oregon, Bonham began singing at age 5 and playing the violin at 9. She started writing songs in 1994 after moving to Boston and proved to be a quick study: her 1996 major label debut, The Burdens of Being Upright, went gold, spawning the hit single “Mother Mother,” and leading to a pair of Grammy nominations. The follow-up, Down Here, was released in 2000 and since that time she’s continued her career, playing her music around the country—as well as growing as an artist and person.

When asked about the maturation of her songwriting, so dramatically in evidence throughout blink the brightest, Bonham replies, “I think I stopped trying to prove so much to people. I went inward and realized that being honest and not ...

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