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Bonnie Tyler

"Bonnie Tyler" (born "Gaynor Hopkins" on June 8, 1951 in Skewen, Neath) is a Welsh singer.

Born into a large working-class family of six children, her father worked as a miner while her mother, an opera fan, shared her love of music with her children. Influenced by the music of Janis Joplin and Tina Turner, as a teen she sang with a group called "Bobby Wayne and the Dixies," following which she formed her own band, calling it Imagination. Adopting different stage names until settling on Bonnie Tyler, for nearly a decade she and her band performed at pubs and nightclubs all over South Wales.

In 1975 Bonnie Tyler recorded her first single for RCA Records called "My My Honeycomb" that failed to make the charts. Her second single "Lost in France", was a whimsical melody with lyrics that demonstrated how seemingly meaningless words on paper can be rich with meaning in song. The record showcased the potential of her powerful voice and reached the top 10 of the British pop music charts. When it was released later on the continent, it became an even bigger hit. Over the ensuing decades, the song has become one of the favorites of her fans.

Her success with "Lost in France...

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