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Boomtown Rats

"The Boomtown Rats" (1975-1986) was a punk rock / New Wave group led by Bob Geldof.

All six members were originally from DĂșn Laoghaire, Ireland. The name Boomtown Rats comes from a gang in Woody Guthrie's autobiography, ''Bound for Glory''. They became known as a notable band whose record is overshadowed by the charity work of their lead singer.

The Boomtown Rats released their first single, "Looking After Number One", in 1977, and it went straight into the UK singles chart. The song was a raw, youthful punk rock song that spoke of pure self interest:

'I'll step on your face
'On your mother's grave
'Never underestimate me, I'm nobody's fool'

Their debut album, ''The Boomtown Rats'', featured another single, "Mary of the Fourth Form", and the first part of the so-called Dublin Trilogy, "Joey's on the Street Again".

The Rats' second album, ''A Tonic for the Troops'', was their most commercially successful. It stayed on the UK albums chart for over a year, leading many music critics to dub 1978 as 'The Year of the Rat' in England. It featured their next hit single, "Rat Trap", the second part of the Dublin Trilogy, which became the first ever song ...

years active 1975 – 1986
origin Dublin, Republic of Ireland
music genre Punk Rock
current members Bob Geldof (lead singer)
Johnny Fingers (keyboards)
Garry Roberts (guitar)
Gerry Cott (guitar)
Pete Briquette (bass)
Simon Crowe (drums)
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source: Wikipedia