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"Borat Sagdiyev" (assumed Cyrillic: Борат Сагдыев) is a satirical Kazakhstani journalist caricature invented and portrayed by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Borat evolved from previous characters that Baron Cohen had developed; firstly an unnamed Moldovan TV reporter (for LWT/Granada TV and the BBC's Comedy Nation) and later an Albanian TV reporter called Kristo (for the Paramount Comedy Channel).

Borat appeared regularly on ''Da Ali G Show'', for Channel 4, with skits featuring him often relying on outrageous behavior and actions, and the reactions of uninformed individuals around him. In some cases, Borat's guests embrace his outrageous anti-Semitism and misogyny by agreeing with him, while other guests attempt to explain Western values to him.

Borat is shown in each episode of ''Da Ali G Show'', doing satirical interviews with various people who apparently do not realize the show's nature. He has visited the UK and the US.

Borat often finds himself in ridiculous situations that involve extreme physical comedy. Some have compared Baron Cohen's Borat character with some of Peter Sellers' work. However, it is not clear whether one of Seller...

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