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"Boredoms" ("ボアダムス") are an avant-garde band from Osaka, Japan formed in 1986. Their wildly varied output is notoriously difficult to pigeonhole, but is usually referred to as noise rock, particularly as part of the "Japanoise" scene of artists. Like some of Naked City's music, Boredoms tend to offer sudden and drastic shifts in tempo, genre and mood, though their more recent records have been largely based on repetition.

Critic David Sprague describes the Boredoms as resembling "a head-on collision between ... free-form Sun Ra's Arkestra and the scatological nihilism of early Butthole Surfers — fronted by the hollers and gibbers of a couple of guys who can't decide whether they'd rather be Beastie Boys or Residents. But even that doesn't really describe the sheer sense of otherness that pervades the Boredoms aesthetic."

They have had a fair amount of success in Japan, but only fleeting popularity in the United States. The group gained exposure in the west after opening for Sonic Youth in 1992, and also for Nirvana for eight consecutive shows in late October and early November of 1993. The following year, they performed on the main stage of the 1994 Lollapalo...

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