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Staffan "Bosson" Olsson is a Swedish singer. Got his break when he composed and performed the song One in a Million from the album with the same title track and from the movie Miss Congeniality. The singer Bosson is currently working on a new album to be released in mid-2006. The first single in 2006 made released: You.

  • You, 2006
  • Efharisto, 2004
  • A Little More Time, 2003
  • You Opened My Eyes, 2003
  • This Is Our Life, 2002
  • Over The Mountains, 2001
  • I Believe, 2001
  • One in a Million, 2001
  • Baby Don't Cry, 1997

  • Rockstar, 2003
  • One in a Million, 2001
  • The Right Time, 1999
  • You, 2006

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