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"Bots" is a socially engaged Dutch language folk rock group from the southern city of Eindhoven that is successful in both the Netherlands and Germany. The band was formed in 1974.

* Bonkie Bongaerts guitar, piano, vocals

* Frans Meijer drums

* Hans Sanders guitar, vocals

* Kees Buenen guitar, piano, vocals

* Noudt Janssen bass guitar, vocals

* Peter de Vries bass guitar

* Piet Engel flute, saxophone

* Sjors Van De Molengraft flute, saxophone

* Anton Wannemakers bass guitar

* Bert Smaak drums

* Broer Bogaart drums

* Erik van Donkersgoed backing vocals, guitar

* Floris Teunissen Van Manen drums

* George Koenraad backing vocals, drums

* Sjoerd Van Bommel drums


Bots is formed by Bonkie Bongaerts and Bertus Borgers. After leaving the band ''Dirty Underwear'', Hans Sanders - stuck with a band with no pianist and no saxophone support - chose to team up with Bonkie Bongaerts and form the new group Bots (BO-nkie Bongaer-TS).


The band records its first album ''Van Kwaad Tot Erger'' (''From Bad To Worse'') with producer Peter Koelewijn. The album places Bots in the centr...

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