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Bots is a socially engaged Dutch language folk rock group from the southern city of Eindhoven that is successful in both the Netherlands and Germany. The band was formed in 1974. ==Line-up=

  • Bonkie Bongaerts guitar, piano, vocals
  • Frans Meijer drums
  • Hans Sanders guitar, vocals
  • Kees Buenen guitar, piano, vocals
  • Noudt Janssen bass guitar, vocals
  • Peter de Vries bass guitar
  • Piet Engel flute, saxophone
  • Sjors Van De Molengraft flute, saxophone

==Other musicians=

  • Anton Wannemakers bass guitar
  • Bert Smaak drums
  • Broer Bogaart drums
  • Erik van Donkersgoed backing vocals, guitar
  • Floris Teunissen Van Manen drums
  • George Koenraad backing vocals, drums
  • Sjoerd Van Bommel drums
1974 Bots is formed by Bonkie Bongaerts and Bertus Borgers. After leaving the band Dirty Underwear, Hans Sanders - stuck with a band with no pianist and no saxophone support - chose to team up with Bonkie Bongaerts and form the new group Bots (B...
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