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James Bourne

"James Elliot Bourne" (born 13 September 1983, in Southend, Essex, England) is currently a member of Son of Dork, a group formed soon after the demise of Busted, an English pop group in which he was a member, alongside Charlie Simpson and Matt Jay.

James's main instrument is the guitar; however, he also plays the piano (his best instrument according to himself), bass, and a bit drums. He is still good friends with the members of Busted and McFly, and continues to have many fans. James has dated actress Kara Tointon, who is best know for her role as Dawn Swann in EastEnders. Kara and James decided to call it a day when they realised that they were not seeing enough of each other, as both were busy working away. They remain close friends.

James has two brothers, Nick and Chris, and one sister, Melissa. Chris appeared in the Year 3000 music video as the neighbour who builds the time machine, his brother Nick also appeared in a few Busted videos like You Said No and Who's David.

James has worked with a variety of songwriters, including The Matrix, Michael Raphael (the guitarist of Neve), Tom Fletcher (guitarist/vocalist of McFly) and Dudefish. As well as co-writing McF...

Background solo singer
Born 13 September, 1983
Origin Southend, Essex, England
Instruments Singing
Genre Pop music
Years active 2002-present
Related acts Busted
Son of Dork
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source: Wikipedia