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Boxcar Willie

"Boxcar Willie" (September 1, 1931 – April 12, 1999; born "Lecil Travis Martin") was an American country music singer who sang in the "hobo music" style. He was born near the town of Ovilla, Texas.

In 1949 Martin joined the United States Air Force, became a pilot, and he became a flight engineer for the B-29 Super Fortress during the Korean War in the early-1950s.

In Lincoln, Nebraska Martin, was sitting at a railroad crossing and a fellow that closely resembled his chief boom operator Willie Wilson, passed by sitting in a boxcar. He said, "There goes Willie." He pulled over and wrote a song entitled "Boxcar Willie". It eventually stuck and became Martin's nickname.

In 1962, Martin met his future wife. In Boise, Idaho, while playing a show at a small club, he saw a girl, and decided to go and introduce himself. Her name was Lloene, and though she had never heard of him, nor did she have interest in country music, they later married, and had four children together.

In California, Martin attended a talent show as "Boxcar Willie" and performed under the nickname for the first time. He won first place, a $150.00 prize and a nickname that he would forev...

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