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Boys Night Out

"Boys Night Out" (sometimes written as boysnightout) is a rock band from Burlington, Ontario. The band officially formed in 2001 when lead vocalist Connor Lovat-Fraser and current guitarist Jeff Davis started collaborating on songs. The work eventually led to the four-song ''You Are My Canvas'' demo, an EP influenced by fellow Burlington hardcore act Grade. The release was followed by a signing to One Day Savior Records and their subsequent debut EP, ''Broken Bones & Bloody Kisses''.

Interest in the band was immediate, and a short while later they signed to New Jersey-based Ferret Records. Their debut full-length, 2003's ''Make Yourself Sick'', was to the shock of some fans. It was much lighter and pop-punk-oriented, but with the same heavy screaming and guitars found on earlier releases. The band toured heavily in support of the record with acts such as My Chemical Romance, Catch 22, Saves The Day, and a stint on the Warped Tour circuit. Boys Night Out also was featured in the Nintendo Fusion Tour with Motion City Soundtrack and The Starting Line.

For the band's next effort, the outfit felt a change was in order, and wrote 2005's ''Trainwreck'', a somewhat more subdued, ...

years active 2001 - present
status Active
country Burlington, Ontario
music genre rock (music)
current members Connor Lovat-Fraser
Jeff Davis (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia