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Bran Van 3000

"Bran Van 3000" (also known as "Bran Van", "Bran Van Three Grand", and "BV3G") is a Canadian collective (or musical band) from Montreal, Quebec with a techno-infused sound. It was founded by the DJ James Di Salvio, collaborating on a number of songs with Stephane Moraille, Sara Johnston, Jayne Hill, ''Québécois'' rock star Jean Leloup and other musicians.

BV3 released their first single, "Drinkin' in L.A.", in February of 1997 in Canada, on Audiogram Records. In April of the same year, the band released their first album, called ''Glee''. It contained 17 tracks, one of them entirely in French. The record went gold in 1998 and won a Juno Award for best alternative album.

In March of 1998, ''Glee'' was released internationally, but not without significant edits: the international version has 19 tracks; "Ceci n'est pas une chanson" became an instrumental simply called "Une chanson"; the French song, "Forest", was reworked with several English verses. Previously unreleased songs on the international album are "Rainshine", "Carry On", and "Old School".

In 1999, their single "Drinkin' in L.A." got in the no. 3 of the Top 40 in the UK after the song was featured in a n...

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