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Brand New Sin

"Brand New Sin" is a hard rock band from Syracuse, NY. They recently finished touring to support their latest Century Media release ''Recipe For Disaster'' with Black Label Society. They recently recorded World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar Big Show's theme song.

The song "Crank It Up" debuted on as a theme song for Big Show on WWE Wreckless Intent, but Big Show still used his old theme song until after the WWE vs ECW battle royal. Now in ECW, this song is Show's original theme somg.

*Joe Altier-Vocals

*Kevin Dean-Drums

*Kenny Dunham-Guitar

*Chuck Kahl-Bass

*Kris Wiechmann-Guitar (see also Earth Crisis)

* The official Brand New Sin Website

* Century Media

* Live Videos of Brand New Sin via UVTV (Underground Video Television)

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