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Paul Brandt

"Paul Brandt" (born July 21, 1972 as "Paul Rennee Belobersycky" in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is a country music singer. Growing up in Airdrie, he was a nurse at the time of his big break. In 1996, he made his mark on the country music charts with the single "My Heart Has a History" which propelled him to international success. Paul is married to Elizabeth, who can be seen in some of his music videos, and heard singing background on his CDs. Has a couple dogs, one named Bailey.

The first time Brandt sang in front of an audience was when he sang "Amazing Grace" in high school.

Brandt's first single, "My Heart Has a History", was a number 1 hit, as was his debut album ''Calm Before the Storm''. He followed up with the three hits "I Do" which he wrote for his friend's wedding, "I Meant to Do That" and "Take It from Me".

Brandt's second album, ''Outside the Frame'', did not repeat the same success as ''Calm Before the Storm'' did. But he did have some hit singles, most notably "A Little in Love" and "What's Come over You". Determined to put his stamp in Nashville, Brandt recorded his third album, ''That's the Truth'', which was not as warmly received as the previous t...

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