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Brave Saint Saturn

"Brave Saint Saturn" is a Christian rock band formed in Denver, Colorado. The band is a side-project of former members of Five Iron Frenzy, that Reese Roper started. The band calls their music style "astro-rock." The band also coined and encourages the use of "BS2" as a short nickname for the band.

Before the band was signed, they were called "Astronaut". As a result "Astronaut Versions" of several early BS2 songs exist. The "Astronaut Version" of "Two-Twenty-Nine" is available on the compilation ''Manna 2 Go'' (fifty280 records). An otherwise unreleased Astronaut song, "Albatross," is also available on ''Green Manna'' (fifty280 records).

Brave Saint Saturn is generally more serious than the light-hearted FIF. As the former leader of FIF, Roper found FIF too straightforward fun for expressing feelings of loneliness and abandonment. BS2 is the platform for the more depressed and sad lyrics which Roper has written. He wants to show people they are not the only ones with feelings like these, and that there is hope in following Jesus. BS2 often uses the vastness of "space" as a metaphor for loneliness. With this in mind, the band uses NASA-recordings and electronic samp...

years active 1995 – Present
status Active
origin Fort Collins, Colorado
country United States
current members Dennis Culp
Keith Hoerig
Reese Roper
Andrew Verdecchio
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia